Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Tragic Events in West Texas

  Tragically the West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion has become a model example for what can happen if the Republican lead Congress succeed in their De-regulation Agenda.  It also points out the desperate need our Nation and our Economy has for strong united Unions.

  Unions have done more to limit dangers in our work place, and ensure work place safety for all Americans through Education and Legislation. 

  It is impossible to count the number of workers alive today thanks to the diligence of Unions.

  I understand a statement like this is easily dismissed, but before you do, ask yourself, would you rather have an actual number of workers who's lives were not saved, like in West Texas?  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Part They Left Out of Falling Unemployment Benefit Applications

  As news of falling unemployment benefit applications begin to fan the embers of economic recovery, it's important to note that some of those numbers are people giving up on a system that has failed them.

  Some find jobs, low wage, part time work.  Which makes them ineligible for further unemployment benefits.  After a time they are laid off and have to re apply.  Going through the entire process of proving their eligibility all over again.

  The ones who don't find work are subject to repeated call backs to come in to unemployment to verify and re verify then verify some more, only to find out they are not getting a check because the 'hand off' of paperwork was missed by someone.  And you have to go back in to prove it wasn't your fault.  Then wait another week for a check you should have gotten this week.

  But it's okay. It's only money, right?  (Sarcasm) What is important to remember is, to just keep quiet, do what the people with all the money tell you to do, and be grateful for the crumbs they throw you.  After all we got Obamacare. (More Sarcasm)

  Yes people are finding jobs, but not the jobs of yesteryear.  Not even close.  Hundreds of applicants line up for the same job.  In many cases a job that does not offer enough to dig ourselves out of the debt we have unwillingly accumulated since the "Great Recession".  Yup they are officially calling it the Great Recession.

  Are unemployment benefit applications going down because our economy is recovering?  Yes I guess they are.  But it's also because people are walking away.  They're tired, worn down, and beaten.  Is it okay tor Society to sweep these people under the rug?  I don't think so.

  Some...feels like most actually, see them as bums or panhandlers.  When in fact they are the ones who have done everything asked of them, just like you and me.  And when they asked their elected officials to do something for them, those same officials were to busy arguing over who is to blame.

  To say giving up and walking away is not accurate.  It makes them sound like they had a choice, when in fact they did not.  I don't know of a way to accurately describe what happened to these people.  It's like trying to bale out a sinking boat with bucket riddled with holes.  Eventually you sink.

  The people we chose to send to Washington to run things are doing the exact opposite.  They are doing nothing.  If they had to enter the work force like the rest of us, they wouldn't be employed long with that kind of work ethic.