Friday, August 2, 2013


 Funny how Police have little problem arresting Occupy Wall Street Protesters, when you consider the Protesters are taking action on their behalf, as well as others of course.

   The Protesters seek a fair distribution of wealth, as in, Big Business pay your fair share.  Which can be directly traced to Police pay and benefits.  When Big Business pays its fair share, Police get the pay they deserve. More pay less worry. The less you pay the more the Police and their families suffer.  Freezes in hiring, elimination of overtime, cuts in their benefits and retirement.  The "Thin Blue Line" gets even thinner.  How safe are our streets then?

   When the Police kowtow to Rich people who think they're superior and above the Law it gives the impression of a Puppet Master pulling strings, or a Rich guy with pockets bloated with cash holding a sign that reads, "You don't get your scraps unless you do what WE say"! Looking at it as a matter of self interest, the Police are protecting the wrong people, merely because they hold the purse strings.

   The solution becomes very simple.  The Police are on the wrong side of the picket line.  Which begs the question, How long until they figure this out, or have they already?  If that's the case, I have to ask, will they cross the line and stand with the people and not the Corporations? How long before enough is enough?  What will it take for them to stand with their friends, family, and neighbors?  The family next door, the girl across the hall, their sons and daughters?

   How does one choose the side that won't let you into their neighborhood or building, unless you're wearing you're uniform, over the people you live with?