Friday, August 31, 2012

The Tea Party

When the Tea Party was first founded it was a grass roots organization with high ideals, and principals. I think that if you looked into it you'd see for yourself that it was admirable. That being said, it seems to have lost its way. Many of the day to day supporters and volunteers are good hard working people who still believe in the ideals of the organization, but the organization no longer believes in them. Tea Party leaders, and their donors have a new agenda. Money and Power...and lots of it. Secretly backed by billionaires, bankers, monopolies, and other Big Money. These powers behind the scene like it that way. The less you know the better. These Big Money backers are throwing millions at the political scene hoping to buy seats in Congress, the Senate, and even the Presidency. If they get their way all business in the U.S. will be deregulated, and they'll get to do what ever they want with no consumer protection. They will throw open the borders and have an endless supply of disposable labor, eliminate minimum wage, overtime pay, maximum hours worked in day, paid holidays, earned vacation, simply put Federal Labor Laws put in place to protect you. Not to mention the advancements in Women's rights. They have already threatened enough honest Republicans to vote their way or face being voted out. Subsequently they have managed to block almost every proposal our President has made to end the Recession and bring the American economy back on track. The stage for Big Money getting Bigger has been set. The Tea Party with their Puppet Masters pulling the strings have created the biggest division between Americans this Country has ever seen. Bigger even then the Civil War. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but you have to realize, I grew up in an America that was Free and United and nothing like the one we live in now.

Governor Christie

Well Governor Christie did it again. another speech all about himself. It's amazing how great he is. If you listen to him, he is always right and never wrong. It never ceases to amaze me how he's never to blame, it's always someone else' fault, no matter what it is. He was chosen to be the key note speaker at the Republican National Convention to tout the virtues of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. But instead spent that time touting usual. What's it called when you compliment and insult at the same time? anyway he has a talent for it. Governor Christie repeatedly told the convention goers how he accomplished deeds that couldn't  be done with willing bi-partisanship, followed by a statement like, because we (Republicans) are better than Democrats. I don't think he gets what bi-partisan means. And the lies he spouted were just appalling. He said he cut Taxes. Truth is if you made a million dollars, you got $40,000 more back and if you made minimum wage you had to pay an extra $300. Christie bragged about how his Grandmother had to take three buses to get to work, just to put food on the table. Is that why he cut NJ Transit to the bare minimum? His father went to a publicly funded school on the GI Bill. So that explains why he cut public funding to schools. Christie proudly proclaimed how he took on the Teachers Union, and made the education system better. What he really did was promote teachers that promote children whether they learn anything or not, and punish educators who believe a student should learn to do the work required or face failure. I'm curious if this is the lesson the Governor's mother taught him when he said "my mother taught me hard work leads to success." Well Mr. Christie this may come as a surprise to you, but it won't to most, you are a Bully. You call people names, you shout at them instead of talk to them, and intimidate your way through everything you do. Society has put endless effort into eliminating Bullies, and people like you make that task almost impossible. Almost but not entirely, if a child can stand up to a bully, so can we.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Protect Our Rights

We Are One: Protect Our Rights, Demand Corporate CEOs Pay Their Fair Share

In Pennsylvania, and around our nation, corporate CEOs and the politicians they funded to win election are trying to cut essential services, programs and jobs. They're trying to erode our rights and bust unions - the only ones who can stand up to the ultra wealthy and fight for everyone else.

From the United Steel Workers Website

Jobs and the Economy

Years after the official end of the recent recession, America is still in a jobs crisis. Not only has job growth in the recovery been slow, but the job losses came on top of decades of inadequate job growth, wage stagnation and growing inequality. The U.S. economy is increasingly imbalanced, with the top 1 percent holding more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth.

The AFL-CIO is ready to work with anyone—business, government, investors—who wants to create good jobs and help restore America's middle class and challenge policies that stand in the way of giving America the chance to go back to work. The union movement is partnering with such organizations as the Clinton Global Initiative to find innovative ways to create good jobs that support workers and their families.

From the Website of the AFL-CIO

Friday, August 24, 2012

Public Utilities or Profit Utilities

  Public Utilities are established by a Municipality for the betterment and welfare of its people to promote prosperity, progress, and quality of life.
  Delmarva Power wants to charge customers in Delaware $39 million to install smart meters in an effort to layoff a large chunk of their labor force. $25.8 million of that, is what they call Depreciation of the old meters. Does that mean the actual cost of the meters is $13.2 million?

  Combine that with the job cuts, and that is an outrageous burden on its customers and a hefty profit for its CEO. Privatization of Public Utilities was suppose to reduce cost through competition, but cost keep going up. And even tho they are Privatized, they still have to answer to the public.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012


    Here in Delaware we are used to Joe Bidens war on words, or what has been more recently coined 'Bidenisms'. Even here we have our own way of describing such gaffes, "Joe is Joe". That's not our way of brushing off or making excuses for such flubs, it is more an explanation that action speaks louder than words. Because what we are more accustomed to is results, and Joe gets it done.

    Joe Biden helped to craft the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, the Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act, the Violence Against Women Act, to name just a few. He wrote the law that created the U.S. Drug Czar position. And was instrumental in getting all these passed. He follows up on all the legislation he passes by getting local business and community involved by donating equipment and expertise. How many Politicians can say that? How many of you can say that?

    Joe Biden was outspoken about not putting U.S. troops in harms way overseas. But once the troops were deployed he was on the ground with them making sure they had what they needed to get the job done. He worked not only with the Legislature but again with Businesses, communities, fundraisers, and donations to help our troops.

    No one is perfect and we should stop expecting them to be. I'm not perfect and I don't expect you to take my word on any of this. Look up the facts. This is all public record. I would, however challenge you to find a person that is more successful and a hire achievement rate than Joe Biden, and if you do, vote for that person. That is who we need running for office. When we elect someone to political office we are putting our lives into his or her hands.

    Don't stop asking questions until you get an answer. Maybe that's why Joe makes so many Bidenisms, because he gives answers instead of rhetoric. He doesn't stop at "we are going to create jobs" he tells us how he's going to do it.