Friday, September 28, 2012

Joe is Joe

  All kidding aside, Joe Biden does care about America. Not just voters, it bothers him when Americans of all walks of life are in trouble, and rejoices when they are doing well. It may be hard to believe that a career politician cares, but he does. Take it from someone who knows Joe. No I have not had dinner at the Bidens,  he doesn't even know my name, but growing up in a small State like Delaware you get to know a guy without being his best friend, you can't hide secrets in this State. In Delaware we have a saying, when someones says "I know you from some where but I can't place it" we say, ''You do, this is Delaware after all". And that's true, talk to someone you don't know long enough and you will find someone in common, I guarantee it. Any way we see Joe all the time. Not just on the campaign trail, but around town. You know how during his campaigning he always says something about talking to people at stores or on the street. That is all true. I've talked to local politicians before, but Joe is the one that looks you in the eye, and you know he's listening. Tell him something happy or sad and he reacts like a human being would. I saw his eyes tear up when told a tragic story, and throw his head back and laugh hardily at a joke. Most other politicians just give you a fake frown and say that's a terrible story and I will change that when I get elected. He says silly things from time to time or makes gaffes, but we are used to that here, because we've seen Joes actions speak louder than his words. In fact they speak volumes. You may know about his career achievements, but most likely you don't know about his achievements outside Washington. Using his friends and influence to make a difference where it matters most, helping people. Getting Business' to donate equipment for volunteer organizations and professionals to freely give their experience to train Hot line Operators, are just some of the things he has done. If you think he's a goof or ill qualified, take the time to look up what he has done in and out of Washington. Like I said we are used to his verbal mistakes because he talks to you, and we value that more than being talked at. That's where we all end up eventually saying the wrong thing, because when your honest you are bound to offend someone. Like the saying goes "you can't please all the people all the time". As we say here in Delaware, "That's Joe"

Bill McLaughlin

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