Friday, August 31, 2012

The Tea Party

When the Tea Party was first founded it was a grass roots organization with high ideals, and principals. I think that if you looked into it you'd see for yourself that it was admirable. That being said, it seems to have lost its way. Many of the day to day supporters and volunteers are good hard working people who still believe in the ideals of the organization, but the organization no longer believes in them. Tea Party leaders, and their donors have a new agenda. Money and Power...and lots of it. Secretly backed by billionaires, bankers, monopolies, and other Big Money. These powers behind the scene like it that way. The less you know the better. These Big Money backers are throwing millions at the political scene hoping to buy seats in Congress, the Senate, and even the Presidency. If they get their way all business in the U.S. will be deregulated, and they'll get to do what ever they want with no consumer protection. They will throw open the borders and have an endless supply of disposable labor, eliminate minimum wage, overtime pay, maximum hours worked in day, paid holidays, earned vacation, simply put Federal Labor Laws put in place to protect you. Not to mention the advancements in Women's rights. They have already threatened enough honest Republicans to vote their way or face being voted out. Subsequently they have managed to block almost every proposal our President has made to end the Recession and bring the American economy back on track. The stage for Big Money getting Bigger has been set. The Tea Party with their Puppet Masters pulling the strings have created the biggest division between Americans this Country has ever seen. Bigger even then the Civil War. I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but you have to realize, I grew up in an America that was Free and United and nothing like the one we live in now.

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