Friday, August 31, 2012

Governor Christie

Well Governor Christie did it again. another speech all about himself. It's amazing how great he is. If you listen to him, he is always right and never wrong. It never ceases to amaze me how he's never to blame, it's always someone else' fault, no matter what it is. He was chosen to be the key note speaker at the Republican National Convention to tout the virtues of Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. But instead spent that time touting usual. What's it called when you compliment and insult at the same time? anyway he has a talent for it. Governor Christie repeatedly told the convention goers how he accomplished deeds that couldn't  be done with willing bi-partisanship, followed by a statement like, because we (Republicans) are better than Democrats. I don't think he gets what bi-partisan means. And the lies he spouted were just appalling. He said he cut Taxes. Truth is if you made a million dollars, you got $40,000 more back and if you made minimum wage you had to pay an extra $300. Christie bragged about how his Grandmother had to take three buses to get to work, just to put food on the table. Is that why he cut NJ Transit to the bare minimum? His father went to a publicly funded school on the GI Bill. So that explains why he cut public funding to schools. Christie proudly proclaimed how he took on the Teachers Union, and made the education system better. What he really did was promote teachers that promote children whether they learn anything or not, and punish educators who believe a student should learn to do the work required or face failure. I'm curious if this is the lesson the Governor's mother taught him when he said "my mother taught me hard work leads to success." Well Mr. Christie this may come as a surprise to you, but it won't to most, you are a Bully. You call people names, you shout at them instead of talk to them, and intimidate your way through everything you do. Society has put endless effort into eliminating Bullies, and people like you make that task almost impossible. Almost but not entirely, if a child can stand up to a bully, so can we.

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