Saturday, November 10, 2012

Divided We Fall

   There has been a lot of talk coming from Conservatives, GOP and Tea Party members about secession from the rest of the the Country. Blaming President Obama's win at the polls.  There seems to be a lot of hatred in this Country, for really no reason at all.  Certainly not any reason that can't be talked through and worked out.

   Some GOP Treasurer in Texas said the people who voted for Obama were maggots, Ted Nugent  referred to his fellow Americans as Pimps and Donald Trump called for a Revolution.  Seems he wants to march on Washington and take the Nation back by force.  That seems petulant to me, in fact it all seems petulant and childish to me.  And counter productive.  They are basically running away from their problems.

   I would have great difficulty voting for someone who runs at the first taste of defeat.  I don't recall anyone threatening Insurrection when George Bush Bankrupted America sending us spiraling into our worst Recession yet.  Nobody called Bush voters Pimps, or Maggots when he refused to invest in America, saying we are not Nation builders, all the while sending millions of dollars to build the Iraqi Nation.

   I'm not bitter about being temporarily laid off, or watching loved ones lose almost everything.  I'm even over the fact that I had to watch the quality of life of people I care deeply for drop to sub standard living.  One of the Tea Party denigration's called Obama voters "Cowards".

   Well that can't possibly be true because we are not running.  We didn't run four years ago, we didn't run eight years ago.  In fact we never ran, never threatened to run or secede.  We never called people names, belittled or bullied them in anyway.  In fact over the years we have behaved in the exact opposite manner in which we now find ourselves accused.

   And still we offer an olive branch, still we ask for our elected officials regardless of political affiliation, to fix this great Nation of ours.  This Proud Nation that we all love, that we have all Pledged our Allegiance to.

   We simply want to work for a decent wage.  Support our families, and have a quality of life that will ensure our well being.  Is having the right to marry the love of our lives to much to ask?  Is it cowardice to ask for the same pay as someone of the opposite sex?  Does having the means to support ourselves to a ripe old age make us maggots?  No, these things the GOP and Tea Party refer to, don't apply to us, they apply to them.

    Someone once said that what we fear the most, lies within ourselves.  I have always believed that in order to overcome your fears, you must confront them.  I don't know if that is true or not, but it might be as good a place to start as any.

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