Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

   6,636 American Troops have given their all in Afghanistan and Iraq, 50,000 have been injured, 10's of thousands suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Even though winding down, experts at the Pentagon anticipate more casualties before it is all over.

   Delaware alone has lost 20 of our men and women, never to return to their families.  Not a large number when compared to the National totals I mentioned.  It may not even seem comparable to other States like California who gave 702 souls.

   But it is a significant number when you realize that day's before these brave men and  women set off to answer their Countries call, they were little more than children. Most fresh out of High School, where their biggest worries, no matter how important to them at the time, were nothing compared to the what they were about to face.

   I won't pretend to know what it must feel like for a parent to lose his or her child.  Nor can I fully imagine such a thing.  I do know that the thought of being told that very thing, haunted me for three years, until receiving news that my son was being separated from the Air Force, and that he was coming home.

   As with most of the events in my life, I considered myself very lucky.  My son is home, married and has given me and my wife two beautiful grandchildren.

  Twenty from Delaware are not home. Some of those leave children to grow up never knowing them.  Some haven't had the chance to have children.  But they all leave behind people, who loved them unconditionally.  And a grateful Nation.

   Let's honor the memory of those Brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, by putting aside our political differences and call on our Representatives in Congress and the Senate to give returning Vets the Medical care they need to deal with the problems they will face ahead.   The effort to make a phone call or e-mail to your Representative is minuscule compared to the efforts of our Veterans.


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